BlackTree uses Pro Tools music software exclusively. Pro Tools is industry standard software, virtually every studio uses this system, we’d even go as far to say around 80% of music you hear has probably been recorded on an Avid Pro Tools system.

We can record up to 32 Tracks simultaneously.


Recording Options

1) Record Live: The advantages of recording live are; you capture the performance & energy of a band. Also you can record your track quicker, adding vocals & overdubs later. We also offer a totally live option; where you plug in & record a full set of songs, kind of like a gig. Everything is recorded & mixed on the fly. At the end of the session we do a final mix down & then master your disc. A lot of bands like this option because A: It saves money and B: Promoters like to hear how your band sounds live when it comes to booking gigs.


2) Multitracking; for a totally polished recording, you have to think multitrack. This is the process of recording each musician separately. Allowing for complete isolation & separation will eliminate spillage & help considerably in the mixing process. Drums, Bass, Guitars, Vocals etc; would all be recorded one at a time. In some situations, drums & bass are recorded at the same time, this option can make a song flow better. Most modern songs are recorded this way.