About BlackTree

BlackTree Studios are located in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside. Incorporating a state of the art recording, mixing & mastering. Established in 2010 the studio stated as a stand alone mobile studio recording live concerts & festivals. Artists such as: Dreadzone, Hazel O’connor, Easy Star-All Stars, Chumbawamba & The Beat. In 2012 BlackTree Studios Bromsgrove was built.

Control Room
Live Area
Vocal Area
Drum Area

The studio has an open plan layout which is large enough for full band live multitrack sessions with nice sound separation & good visual communication. It is also a great drum tracking room offering a big room & dry room recording options.

Drum Tracking

Escaping Arkham recording drums for their new album with Lee Evans on Drums & Will Lavis the bands guitarist & producer overseeing the session

Bookends ‘A tribute to Simon & Garfunkel’ recording & filming a live promotional video for their shows

Live Audio & Video Session

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