What they say.

Historically a mastering engineer was a person who ensured that a musical programme was successfully committed to a musical release medium such as vinyl or cd. This much is true today and yet the mastering engineers role has changed to some degree to involve a cross over into other areas of audio production. Mastering engineers have had to adapt to the changes in the music industry and the world at large.

What we do.

Mastering audio comprises of a number of processes that predominantly apply to stereo interleaved audio files, here is a laypersons description of what’s involved:

1) We ensure the audio files and pre-master medium are free from both physical and sonic defects.

2) All mediums have to be considered & mastered accordingly. We master with the best possible reproduction of music on a wide range of play back systems.

3) Enhancement of audio material using the engineer’s objectivity, equipment choices and clients input.

4) We apply fades, index points, PQ Codes, ISRC Codes, adjust relative track levels, apply track gapping, increase perceived volume if required with minimal side effects and compile a high quality pre master format such as DDP (Disk Description Protocol) or CD-R pre-master disk. These will be created using specialised software and hardware and be error checked to ensure the pre master is error free and will duplicate or replicate correctly at the CD duplication plant.

BlackTree Studios Mastering Rates

Basic Mastering…

1 Track £25

2-5 Tracks £20 (Per Track)

6 or more Tracks £15 (Per Track)

12” Vinyl Album Mastering £75 (Per Side)

10” Vinyl Mastering £55 (Per Side)

Stem Mastering…

Up To 5 Stems £35 (Per Track)

Additional Stems £5 (Per Additional Stem)



  • Consultation and advice
  • EQ, compression and limiting
  • Noise reduction, click removal and stereo enhancement
  • Compilation, starts, fades and levels
  • PQ encoding (CD Master or DDP)
  • ISRC code insertion
  • Error checked Red Book production master (CD Master)
  • Download & Delivery Service
  • DDP Image available
  • Mastering notes and cue sheets (CD Master)

Quoted price includes everything from initial consultation to the delivery of your masters.

Please note: Rates are in UK Pounds Sterling.