Drum Area

The real beauty of the Black Tree Drum area is versatility. Using a combination of a open drum booth which has sound reflective insulation is that we can close mic your drums for a nice, tight drum sound. Combine that with the option of ambient microphones in the live room, you can record the best of both worlds. Also for bands who want the option of recording your kit in a totally rich & natural sounding room. Putting the drums in the middle of our live room & careful mic placement we can capture the natural ambient reverb, with out the need of additional artificial reverb.

All the great drums you hear on your favourite albums, were recorded in large live rooms. Now you have the same option without spending your entire album budget.


We know 95% of drummers will bring your own kit, it is the norm. We also know some of you guys will opt for the use your own snare, pedals & cymbals. But for the rest, we have a studio kit. Professionally tuned & ready to go at no extra cost.

We have a five piece Mapex S-Series Drum kit: 22 inch Bass Drum, 14 inch Wood Snare, 12 inch Rack, 13 inch Rack & 16 inch Floor.