Mobile Recording Packages

Every band is unique, as is every recording session. So we have set out a selection of packages which will suit most situations.

Package 1:

Festival Recording - Packages

32 Track Recording. Suitable for most live situations. We record direct to Pro Tools or Logic Pro digital multitrack. We use isolated splitters or connect direct to the venues own matrix to obtain pure signals from source. Once the show is recorded, we will offer you a further service of Editing, Mixing & Mastering, which will result in a professionally mixed & dynamic product, hourly studio rates apply.

                       Package 2:

Mark Westwood - Packages

Same 32 Track recording option. Except the session would be transferred onto an external hard drive. We can present the whole recording as full Pro Tools or Logic sessions or give you the Wav/Aiff files to take away & mixed at your convenience. Bring your own hard drive or one can be supplied by us…

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