Control Room

Audio Interface

Our control room has some of the best front end & DAW systems available today. We use the Midas M32 40 channel digital console as our front end interface. This enables us to record up to 32 channels of audio simultaneously. We use Pro Tools as our main recording platform but have Logic Pro available if required. We also have P16-M Personal Monitors for all musicians when tracking & iPads to access  the desk directly for precision monitoring (Drummers like this option).


We use Genelec 8040A, 1030A, 1029A, Yamaha HS80M & Tanoy monitoring, for tracking & playback. For musicians, we use predominantly Beyer & AKG headphones, with unlimited monitoring channels.

Computers & Software

Black Tree uses Apple computers exclusively. We’ve been using Mac’s for 15 years & have found it the best option for audio & video applications. If you require stability & reliability, then go Mac. We use Pro Tools as our main recording platform, we find it a fast & totally reliable piece of kit. In the world of recording, Pro Tools is the industry standard.


We have a selection of synths; Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Novation and Emu. Guitar Processors by: Boss and Line 6.are available on request.

We also have a selection of acoustic, electric guitars available if needed.

For full details, check out our Equipment & Spec