Steve Harris – RED-UK (Studio Recording)                                                                                                                  Despite the era of DIY pro-audio there’s no substitute for having a professional like Mark behind the desk spotting the fluffs and getting the levels and the raw sounds right. Splendid facility too. Recommended!

Lee Mark Jones (Film Soundtrack)                                                                                                                                        Last release & the last time we were in BlackTree Studios with Mark Westwood for the film @Jurassic Predator. A total joy & riot of a laff! The Mescalito Vampires!!!!

Paul Menel (Video Shoot)                                                                                                                                                          Top place to record! Loved doing the Spirit of 66 video there! They now have a mirror so tarring yourself up is a bit easier now (I donated mine as part of the fee.. Lol) !

Weezel Diesel (Live Recording)                                                                                                                                              Mark – listened to the Farmer Phil’s comp tonight on big speakers and GOD DAMN! what on earth did you do to make us sound good? You sir are a wizard!

Toby Carter (Primitive Blues & Human Empathy)                                                                                                                I love Black Tree, have recorded two different projects there this year and the results are amazing!

The Reasoning (Drum Session)
Jake and Matt had an absolutely wonderful time at Black Tree Studios It was genuinely the most fun ever had when recording drums. The studio is amazing, Mark is hilariously funny, down to earth, knowledgable and cool and the sound is what we’ve been searching for since the bands inception.
Thanks again to Mark Westwood and if anyone wants to get some top class recording done, check out Black Tree Studios, you won’t regret it :o))) xxxxx